Wanted: Smallest box Konami releases

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23-11-2014, 22:24

Couple of smallest type European Konami games have been missing from my collection, maybe it's time to hunt them down. These versions do not use the black plastic in the box, it's instead clear plastic and the box is not a lot bigger than the cartridge. Also, box graphics are different from the more common bigger European box (except F1-Spirit, which has same graphic).

I'm looking for below mentioned titles, each as complete and in very good condition. They don't have to be just like new, but no missing pieces from box or manual, overall look very good and cartridge needs to look nice. Some slight wear is acceptable.

Maze Of The Galious
Metal Gear
Penguin Adventure
Vampire Killer

Please, do not offer incomplete games (above listed), there must be manual, cartridge, inlay (plastic around the cart) and box.

Also, needed is a Green Beret DISK version box and manual. Manual is similar in cartridge version though, as far as I know.

In exchange I can offer Konami EC-702 cartridge (only the cartridge, nothing more unfortunately)
And I'll be getting extra Korean version from Vampire Killer cartridge late this year or early next year.

If you need some exact game in exchange, let me know and I'll check what could I do.

And money is available from the games as well, of course... So, when offering something, let me know your price. Also a photo from the offered game would be nice.

Contact me directly stt (at) damage dot fi

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24-11-2014, 17:20

Ok, that might be missing as well. I need to check. Nemesis 2, 3, Game Master and Green Beret (ROM) I surely have.

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25-11-2014, 09:12

The complete collection:

My Collection ;-)

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25-11-2014, 09:17

Tirabol it's very nice collection Smile small box its so cute ^^

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26-11-2014, 10:14

I checked last night the KVII, seems to be missing, so it can be offered as well... (I have Nemesis 2, 3 and Game Master and also the "smaller" Green Beret ROM-version)

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18-02-2015, 01:44

And a reminder, for trading:

Konami EC-702 cartridge (only the cartridge, nothing more unfortunately)

Vampire Killer cartridge - Korean version!

Yamaha YRM-101 and YRM-102 cartridges (both boxed)