Panasonic WSX RGB Pinout

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Por Piter Punk

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30-05-2019, 16:34

gdx wrote:

This pinout description is wrong if we can use the same RGB cable for A1WX, A1WSX, Turbo-R, etc because some pins not correspond.

I said to *not* look at the pin numbers, only the layout:

Piter Punk wrote:

Don't pay attention to the pin numbers, they are almost all messed, take a look in the pins position, which are correct.

I put both connectors pinouts side-by-side in this image:

I guess now it's clear why the normal cable works in A1WSX.

Por sdsnatcher73

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30-05-2019, 20:01

A picture is better than a thousand words Wink
This should be added to the wiki!

Por gdx

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31-05-2019, 01:25

Piter Punk wrote:

I said to *not* look at the pin numbers, only the layout:

That's what I did. Wink

YS and AV are inverted relative to the RGB cable for A1WX, Turbo-R, etc.

Por meits

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05-06-2019, 11:52

Meits wrote:

There the question is still unanswered.
I guess I'd better send Europe's most famous Japanese computer refurbisher a mail as he has probably seen a lot of them.

I asked and got an answer. (if you do not use a data recorder) A Panasonic/Sony compatible RGB cable will work on a WSX.

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