Fuzix the new Uzix for MSX ??

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Por geijoenr

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30-01-2015, 23:42

an update on the status of FUZIX : one video is worth a thousand words, so here it goes:


it works on real hardware using a megaflashrom;
it also works on openmsx but requires an additional fix to the sdcard emulation that is not yet pushed.

right now I am adding the RTC driver, next will be fixing small issues with the keyboard and trying to fix some video issues that I can see in real hardware but not on the emulator.
It boots from a linear 64Kb rom, but that is not very convenient, so I will switch later to an ascii mapper; that will also allow to attach to the kernel a romdisk. I also plan to add a cf-ide driver.

progress is slow (but steady) because many changes are being made to the Kernel to support additional platforms.

Por Grauw

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31-01-2015, 00:11

Very nice!

I have some questions;

If I have an assembly program which compiles to a COM file, what would it take to compile it for Fuzix? It’d be interesting to read information on memory layout, TPA size, start address, API, restrictions, etc. Can it run assembly code easily or is the API primarily built for C++? I guess direct I/O is not desirable?

I’m wondering if the OS would be flexible enough to run DOS software, by either running it as a realtime process while providing the DOS2 API and environment, or temporarily “exiting to DOS”, like you can exit to Basic from DOS? So I can run existing software, but still use Fuzix as the primary OS. Probably, not right? I guess it isn’t easy to achieve.

Por geijoenr

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31-01-2015, 01:11

there is a cpm-emulator that is part of the system, but I haven't looked into it. I guess that means msx-dos1 emulation shouldn't be impossible. no idea; haven't thought about it. dos2? unlikely.

porting some small tools to fuzix should be very easy; you can do direct IO and use the bios and switch slots. the only real restriction is that (for now) you get only 4 ram pages per process and if you write in any other, or beyond 0xF000; the system will probably crash.

regarding API and stuff... progbase is 0x100, and top is 0xF000; you have a unix-like syscall interface and signals. but shouldn't need to worry about that because the there is a c library already available. You can compile C very easily. Also assembler with some tweak. Check out the Applications folder in github.

Por giangiacomo.zaffini

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31-01-2015, 17:22

I want use FUZIX so bad! I hope it has a 40 coloumn mode because I have just an MSX1.

Por geijoenr

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01-02-2015, 13:49

at the moment I am focused in msx2 because the 40 vs 80 columns really make a diffence and myself don't use msx1. once msx2 is stable will focus in msx1.

more progress:
- I am now adding all the keyboard layouts and fixing video glitches
- started with Sunrise CF-IDE driver

the build is quite stable already, so pretty soon I will start publishing some ready made roms and images.
although well, not much can be done with it yet because although we have many of the small unix tools available the shell is very simple and doesn't support scripts or pipes.

Por Manuel

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01-02-2015, 22:50

Bug fix in openMSX pushed, thanks geijonr!

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