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Por snout

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23-12-2005, 16:05

Just wondering for those who use the RSS feeds...

1 - Would you like to see more entries in the RSS feeds?
2 - Would you like to see a longer description text in the RSS feeds?
3 - Would you appreciate a combined RSS feed (news, reactions and forum in one)?
4 - Any other suggestions/questions concerning RSS?

To those who have not found them yet (soon they will be shown more clearly on our frontpage)

Reactions feed:

By changing 'www' into 'nl', 'br', 'es' or 'ru' you'll get the feeds in other languages....

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Por arnold_m

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23-12-2005, 17:50

Ad 1: I use the RSS feed to check for MSX-news once in a while, I think the current numbers of items is adequate for this purpose.

Ad 2: I would like to see news headlines that summarize the newspost in a single sentence. The responsibiilty for the subject lines in the forums lies with those who post them, the MRC could prepend a tag to indicate in which forum a message was posted, something like (gen) for general dicussion, (hrd) for hardware etc.

Ad 3: I would prefer to keep the separate RSS feeds

Ad 4: I have no suggestions other than those mentioned above.

Por turbor

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23-12-2005, 21:46

I fully agree with Arnold.
But sometimes when the forum is realy active (once or twice a year Smile ) I wanted just a few more lines in the forum feed....

Por Manuel

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24-12-2005, 11:10

I found quite a cool new application for them: use them as text source for xscreensaver! Any screensaver that needs texts fetches headlines (and bodies) from MRC and shows them in the most fantastic ways you can imagine Smile

The only thing is that the posts are cut off after a few lines. I'd like to have them more complete, but this is basically what turbor said.

Por alordi

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28-12-2005, 16:09

I have problem with russians RSS feeds.

Encoding in feed UTF-8, but news displayed like win1251 (cyrillic) encoding in text and browser encoding win1250(w. europe).

Source consist (example) code "&Ocirc" displayed like letter "Ô" instead letter "Ô"

Sorry for my English, I discuss this problem with, he can explain more clear.

Por snout

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28-12-2005, 16:21

Thank you very much for reporting this, alordi (and for visiting the Russian I am looking into a neat fix for this one, and will let you know as soon as it has been fixed.

Por snout

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30-04-2006, 22:46

oh.. err.. fixed! Smile