Remove music program from Music Module

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Por Jipe

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17-12-2013, 15:54

with a Turbo-R GT the press ESC you loose the datas of the internal SRAM Sad

Por selios2000

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17-12-2013, 16:49

I have Dos2 with the Padial SDMMC. But anyway it is incredible to know! Smile

Por msxegor

Master (183)

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18-12-2013, 15:06

Not possible (at least not without hardware hacks) - DOS2 has its own ROM mapper. Any plain 16 or 32K ROM will be OK.


Enlighted (5938)

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18-12-2013, 16:52

Some people have inverted the ESC-key function by patching the ROM, but I would definately take the ROM completely away if you still have it inside. I don't know any situation where the ROM would be needed by any external software. Standard MSX-Audio has BASIC extension, but Phillips Music Module does not have it. How ever few years ago an upgrade was made by FRS & SuperSoniqs that makes Music Module 100% MSX-Audio compatible and replaces the stupid original software. This solves the problems with Compile games. Other than that there is little use for unless you need the extended sample RAM or BASIC features.

Por o.geerdink

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19-12-2013, 09:07

My music module has dos 2 and no extra memory mapper or other hacks. Maybe the official dos 2 had a memory mapper, for low memory msx machines, but I don't think it's needed for it to function?

Por o.geerdink

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19-12-2013, 09:12

I do have a lot of wires btw see picture:

DOS 2 rom

Normal rom

Por Jipe

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19-12-2013, 15:08

the DOS2 required an IC for decode it ,this extra IC is added near MIDI IN , with green wire

whoaou your slot is crunched have you a rabbit Wink

Por o.geerdink

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19-12-2013, 15:15

you're right didn't even notice Big smile

the damage was from a bad acid trip

Por Retrofan

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27-05-2014, 09:11

selios2000 wrote:

I readed somewhere that ESC key pressing... I will try it, but maybe for better comfort I will remove the rom thanks to all your comments! that internal image relly helps!! :nishi:

If you don't want to press ESC all the time when booting the MSX, just use thisversion. It needs ESC to execute the internal program ;)

Por l_oliveira

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27-05-2014, 19:34

I prefer the FRS/Supersonics solution, because it makes MSX AUDIO work in MSX BASIC, and it make Japanese cartridges and disk games detect the darn thing automatically.

You can play FM PAC/MSX MUSIC songs with your MSX AUDIO (if you have the board NYYRIKKI posted about) just by loading them from disk and replacing "CALL MUSIC" command with "CALL AUDIO".

Also, having a DOS2 cartridge is pointless if you use a interface which contains DOS2 in itself, too...

A ESE-SCC or ESE-RAM can be used as SRAM DISK and DOS2 cartridge. Also it's very easy to build. Wink

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