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18-09-2012, 13:53

What i have to do next :

i got today new rgb scart cable on my Msx TR GT machine.

i need some kind of monitor so i can test my msx work... but how ?

Is there any body who can help to me test my msx TR machine ...i mean finland / Helsinki

Nyyrikki ,,, are you interested ? , Toni Siira are you there? or just plug into it my LG lcd television and swich on ....

my lg tv had a 2 scart plug..... so nmbr 1 and 2 ..... i have to try both of these.....

once again : ILKSA07374 SERIAL NUMBER TR gt


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Por faxerpelle

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18-09-2012, 16:09

Well I do have an RGB cable as well for my Turbo R GT. Plug it in your MSX, then the Scart part in your TV and switch everything on.

Select the input source on TV (Scart 1 or 2 in your case) and there you are.

My GT is connected on a Acer 23" LED monitor/Tv with scart option and it works like a charm. Smile

Por msx fan finland

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03-10-2012, 06:36

yes it works.
Update to my msx project.
I have got rgb scart cable.
I had to change drive belt.. Its done now fdd works normally.
I m going to buy msx mouse..
I have tested on my msx tr gt. And it works fine...
im going to make music in the future on msx ...

1 lks 07374 so this is now....

Keep writing...
Long live msx

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