msxDS 0.94

por wolf_ em 30-08-2012, 11:37
Tópico: Emulation

A new version of msxDS was just released. msxDS is an MSX/MSX 2/MSX2+ emulator for the Nintendo DS/DS Lite/DSi game consoles. New in this version:

  • Fixed a stack overflow that made the emulator unstable
  • Fixed a state save bug with megarom mapped in 16 KB
  • Supports up to 1024 files (ROM, DSK and CAS) in each folder
  • Compiled with devkitARM r41, libFAT 1.0.11 and libnds 1.5.6+
  • The folder image is no longer displayed if it's already displayed
  • The /Pics folder and file names beginning with a dot are no longer displayed in files list

Relevant link: msxDS

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Por xain09

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10-09-2012, 09:03

Great EMU. Works fine on my 3DSXL Wink

Por mars2000you

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12-01-2013, 15:40

Since yesterday, the msxDS website is hosted on the MSXblue domain :