Seeking opinions on Quarth

Por msxgamesbox

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14-01-2003, 16:26

I'm preparing my next game review - this time I am looking back at one of the older games, Quarth from Konami.

To this extent I'd like to include some quotes from you guys - a few words of what this game has inspired you, what you liked, what kept you up playing the game over time etc... - 40/50 words max.

Allez, hope you have something nice to tell, some anecdotes etc...

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Por Arjan

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14-01-2003, 21:15

Quarth is a nice game, but the single-player mode is missing something. It's just too easy. I managed to complete the game the first day I got it. 2-player mode is fun too, unless you have to play it with a joystick Smile

Por Grauw

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15-01-2003, 04:00

Quarth is one of the most ultimate awesome challenging, not to mention multiplayer, game I have ever played. You need to be able to think fast and logically, and ofcourse have considerable skill with your joypad/keyboard (which of those is better is a very controversial subject Wink). On the MSX Marathons of the previous years we held competitions, those were really cool. Especially if you're playing against another good player.


Por BiFi

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15-01-2003, 10:37

Knowing Konami making something special of every game type ever thought up, Quarth is well worth having and playing. Using the Tetris-like shapes making up the weirdest of shapes to clear it even outruns normal Tetris. Needed a week to finish the 1-player game, loving every minute of it. The 2-player battlemode is cool when playing versus another good player.