Could we have GuyveR800 back plz ?

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Por mars2000you

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21-11-2004, 10:58

The clear evidence is deleted by MRC in the public forums. Difficult to discuss without the texts (first, the discussion that leads to mod's intervention; secondly, the reaction to this intervention .... two different threads).

So in fact others have been moderated as well?

Yes, in another threads (or reactions to the news)

It has happen even to me .... the deletion of some of my words doesn't have contributed to find a positive solution ... this solution was found on a MSX mailing list after a long discussion and WITHOUT the intervention of a moderator.

It was between GuyveR800 and me .... and the idea of a private forum on MRC for delicate discussions came to my mind after this long discussion. But MRC is against this idea ...

Por mars2000you

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21-11-2004, 11:00

Again: "Blahblahblah... too many words spent on this topic already..." Please let some moderator close this topic entirely in stead of EVERYBODY stating the same points over and over again. It's not as if we didn't read them the first 20 times you voiced your opinion here. Cut it out and get a life...

If I good understand, you are for a private forum and you shouldn't be part of this forum Smile

Por Jorito

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21-11-2004, 11:16

Nope, it means I just minimized the forum bar on the homepage entirely so I don't ever have to read this stupid crap again... sheesh... get a life...

Next stop for me: just dropping MRC and MSX entirely. I hope you're all happy with that result.

Por mars2000you

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21-11-2004, 11:22

For me, developing blueMSX and trying to help to find a solution to delicate personal problems have the same importance.

Btw, you can also read only the topics that interest you. Why criticize discussions that don't interest you ? Simply, don't read them !

Por [D-Tail]

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21-11-2004, 12:10

But Jorito is right, mars2Kyou... All of this discussion is about nothing. GuyveR has been banned in the past, you know the reasons; just like Low_Profile said. I really start to have déjà-vu feelings when I read this thread. It's so utter useless.

GuyveR800 has crossed the line again, you know the 'rules' (if I might name the policies so), you know about morality. When one (not necessarily GuyveR800) doesn't respect these two entities in a place where those are desired and demanded -let's get one thing straight: this isn't the place to insult eachother; this is the place to support eachother by means of the common hobby- that person will be warned. When warning doesn't help and one carries on and on insulting and flaming and whatever, that one isn't just welcome anymore.

I don't usually do this, but hell, who gives a damn anyway: here are my two cents! Tongue

Por Algorythms

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21-11-2004, 13:01

I wonder if I would finally start making some money if I started collecting all the two cents given away in this forum Smile

BTW, D-Tail: You too state your opinion as the one and only truth Tongue

Por Thom

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21-11-2004, 13:25

Next stop for me: just dropping MRC and MSX entirely. I hope you're all happy with that result.Come on fellow, that's a poor attitude. So called threats are a very bad way of debating, especially when you're claiming this discussion is not advantageous with regards to getting a life.
Calm down. It's just Internet.

Por Grauw

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21-11-2004, 13:50

In the light of recent events in the Netherlands and the whole discussion about free speech, this topic by itself is interesting. Are you going to just take away someone's ability to express himself publicly, or are you going to accept the fact that every public discussion forum will have its flamewars from time to time, just because of clashing personalities, but at least everyone will be able to speak their minds and discuss along. Obviously, I prefer the latter.

However, I'm sad that it has come to this. Guess I'm glad I didn't look at the MSX community (MRC forum, IRC) too much lately, I'm getting a bit tired of this same thing all over again as well. People need to be a little more tolerant, if you ask me. Especially if you claim to be a public community forum.


Por [D-Tail]

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21-11-2004, 13:51

BTW, D-Tail: You too state your opinion as the one and only truth TongueOh, how rude... Tongue

Well, it wasn't meant that way Wink Wrap a big 'IMHO' around it, mkay? Tongue

Por snout

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21-11-2004, 14:37

I think it's absurd that I have to spend a lot of my time from my hobby in conflicts (and the discussions that follow to those conflicts) that should not exist in the first place. I am disappointed that, after 10 years of MRC, some people are still easily persuaded into negative, mostly unfounded, thoughts about the MRC. (FUD anyone?). I do understand there was the need to discuss this situation on the MRC forums, but I also have the feeling that everything has been said about the topic by now.

I would kindly like to ask people to try and respect the choice the MRC has made, even if you (partly) disagree with it. There is a lot more to our decision than 'GuyveR just being a bit unpolite' and I think it's a good thing those reasons are not exposed in public on the MRC. Not even on a private forum. Perhaps banning GuyveR800 is not the best thing we could have done, but at least it's safe to say GuyveR800 wasn't exactly on best behavior either. We don't think finding a solution will be easy, but imho there are two things needed for that: 1) things have to cool down, 2) as childish as it may sound, we feel that GuyveR800 is the one who should get in touch if and when he wants to get back on the MRC. So far he hasn't exactly given us the imression he wants to. As stated before, we'll go from there.

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