Could we have GuyveR800 back plz ?

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Por MrRudi

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19-11-2004, 21:08

I think a big part of the disrespect problem has been removed (note I am not saying solved), which is why this topic got started in the first place.

Por wolf_

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19-11-2004, 21:39

I find it kinda weird to witness what's actually happening here! There seem to be 3 groups now: the 'give guyver back'-group, the 'is he finally gone now?'-group, and the group that doesn't really care whether G's here or not because they simple aren't interested in typical cybersocial things happening on a(ny) forum, but just stick to the forumtopic-related news.

Perhaps there's a 4th group, based on ppl who aren't uninterested in cybersocial issues, but simply stay out of the opposite parties' issues and sometimes try to heal the relationships..

I guess I'm more of this 4th group Smile anyway, cybersocial-speaking it's interesting to see/predict where all this ends..

I think this is the first time on MRC where there are major split opinions. There was another major ban-issue with a certain "O. ", who stayed a night in room 2201 Smile but those opinions were quite uniform, across all or most visitors.
This here is different, where not all noses are pointing in the same direction, this might in the worst case scenario lead to polarisation and create a 'them and us'-situation. Is this the preferred MRC-future in that W.C.S. ?

until next time ... take care of yourself .. and your sampleram ^___^


Por Algorythms

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20-11-2004, 13:12

Oi! I think we have to learn to live with the fact that people are different. Guyver has his own way of speaking that offends people, but then again we have other people being too easily offended. Some fights had G to blame, some fights were blamed on G because he already had a history of starting fights. That ticked him off even more, and then you have a vicious circle. There are some people ho just can`t stop arguing (as is he), but they are to blame too. Face the facts; if you ignore his stupid posts, he has noone to argue with! Still there must be room for some arguments. The fights show that we are passionate about MSX.

Anyway.. To say this is a private forum, and therefor the mods can do whatever they want is bullshit. Ofcourse they have no legal obligation for democracy in this forum, but hell, they have a MORAL obligation for democracy, as we the people make this forum alive just as much as they do. And if this annoying person is PERMANENTLY banned, then I will not write any more posts here eighter.

Por snout

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20-11-2004, 14:55

We never stated GuyveR800 got a permban, now, did we? However we do feel some things need to change before we can even think of unbanning him. So far, GuyveR800 doesn't really give the impression he wants to be unbanned (au contraire) nor that he wants any solution other than MRC doing exactly as he says. Things just don't work like that.

Of course our users have a say in the future of MRC. They always had and always will have. There are countless features and improvements that were implemented on the MRC thanks to suggestions of our users. (And there are countless on the ToDo list as well ^_^). But we don't have to implement every single suggestion made by our users. If we think a suggested change is not the right thing to do we have the full right not to implement that suggestion. I don't see what's strange about that at all. Besides, more than often the suggestions of multiple users don't go together. In those cases it does make sense the MRC admins, webmasters and moderators make a decision, don't you think? I don't think you can compare a hobbyist website (even a community site) with political systems at all, but not listening to every single suggestion of our users doesn't make us a single bit more or less democratic.

GuyveR800 saw Bart's moderation actions in a thread where TFH and him had a futile fight as a huge mistake (not even knowing if and how Bart contacted TFH, but assuming Bart didn't), blew it way out of proportion and delivered his comments towards that moderation in terms we cannot and will not tolerate on the MRC. That doesn't say we don't tolerate any comments towards the MRC, only that we don't tolerate the way in which those comments were put. He has deeply hurt our feelings by doing so. If you have any comments to the MRC, you can express then in a respectful manner, even if you feel disrespected by us. GuyveR800 just seems to have no tolerance at all for the fact that we are just trying to do the best we can and expects nothing but complete perfection from the entire MRC team. As long as that is the case, finding a -real- solution will be impossible. Apart from that I think he does take his hobby way too seriously. MSX is not a matter of life or death.

A lot of things happened between MRC in the past. Like several other users, GuyveR800 has often been trying to see how far he could stretch basic MRC policies like 'Be nice to other people on this site', 'Be careful with sarcasm. It is often misunderstood, especially by people who aren't as good in English as you are', 'Respect the fact that there are people who don't share your opinions' and 'Don't bring your own opinion as if it is the one and only truth'. We have often tried, with as little moderation as possible, to find a way to keep the discussion going and the flames and semi-flames to a minimum. Just dive into the MRC archives and you'll see what I mean.

Apart from trying to stretch the policies, GuyveR has also tried to enforce his will on the MRC multiple times and has often spoken in a 'Do as I say, or else...' tone. It even came to him threathening to sue the MRC once. Still, up to the recent ban, MRC has always tried to cool things down and work things out. By email, chat, in real life... We might not always have done that in the best way possible (again, we are not perfect and we -do- have emotions as well), but we did try. It has now come to a point where we have come to the conclusion that all the communication we had in the past has had very little results in the end. We feel that, unless GuyveR800 is finally willing to take some steps back and make some apologies himself as well this time, we can better spend the little time we have for MRC in something more productive.

As stated before: MRC is our hobby. We try to do the best we can. We try to make a website for every MSX user. We are open to comments and suggestions. We are not perfect. No matter your history on MRC: no flames, no warez. Respect.

Por Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1771)

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20-11-2004, 15:25

Blahblahblah... too many words spent on this topic already...

Por J-War

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20-11-2004, 19:14

ah, so here are some more : O_o

Por flyguille

Prophet (3028)

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20-11-2004, 21:10

ok, i heared both sides of the story. and i understand.

what happened to GuyveR800 , the same f**** thing that makes the wars between countries.... the same f****** thing that killed ppl around the world, the same f**** thing that makes cultures to be divided...

when you guys will stop?...

i not want to enter in details...

i am not talking about a fact or maybe two....

i am not talking about who started... that is too later now.

i am not talking about what triggered the current situation.

i am talking about the unjustice...

i am talking about partiality, yes PARTIALITY....

i am talking about taking reactions too exagerated without caring all the story....

but, i want to spot the other side of the story a bit.... ( i hope not to hurt nobody)

when a moderator moderates, needs be unpartial, that is to say, the same rules for everybody, without caring if the guy is inside or outside of the mrc elite group.

if somebody (doesn't care who), is moderated in his posts, but the sames rules are not applied for the other ones, this person feels that the moderator is unjust, and that hurts include more than the contents of the posts.

GuyverR800 is not differents of any other guy here... But when a guy is isolated from a community that hurts a lot. (personally i have some experiences about it), that damages a lot, and the worst punishment that can be applied a person it is the SILENCE!!!, that kills the soul of everybody.

where is the personal pride under these situations?

Under that situation ones accumulates anguish, no cares who...

but that anguish one time needs to explode. If that explosion was expressed... in hurting words.... well that was the result, not the facts.

i personally wonders if the mrc team is enought mature as for to forgive "the result", and to to revise its own errors.

And only in that way the wars around the world can be solved.

Or is not the same f**** thing in differents scales!!!!.....


I personally found in this community as the one that i want to be. But not if this things happens. Not, that.

Por Low_Profile

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20-11-2004, 23:12

GuyverR800 is not differents of any other guy here...

That's where you're wrong...

Por mars2000you

Enlighted (6014)

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20-11-2004, 23:21

GuyverR800 is not differents of any other guy here...

That's where you're wrong...

That's really too easy to answer on this way . I think that flyguille has better explained than me what humans must normally feel in such a painless situation, and what you can give as "answer" is only a subtle form of sarcasm.

So, please, in stead of such negative attitude, try to understand that each person needs respect, even if he has made some errors. Of course, people like you never make errors ! Smile

Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (9903)

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20-11-2004, 23:27

somehow I think the last word hasn't been spoken about this subject o_O

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