WAVeR v.3 test file

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Por Vincent van Dam

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25-10-2004, 11:49

Well said, viejo.

I think the Q-Bert test wouldn't be a good test anyway. The dutch MCM magazine once published a program on a flexidisk (=7" record made of plastic instead of vinyl), in the document with it they suggested the users to do a checksum calculation of the loaded data before proceeding (it was just adding up al loaded bytes). Maybe the rom image to be tested should do something simular (iirc Karoshi's Guru Logic also did a crc check on the rom data?).

Por viejo_archivero

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25-10-2004, 11:56

Maybe the rom image to be tested should do something simular

That's a positive post!. Sure, using a ROM with checksum will obviously report if the game loads 100% ok or not! Smile. Perhaps Robsy can do a 32KB ROM -containing full-screen images or something- with an easy checksum routine and use it for WaveR v.3 testing purposes only!. I hope Robsy read your comment 'cause probably he'll find it very useful. Thanx for the tip Vincent!.

Por Sonic_aka_T

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25-10-2004, 13:33

Sonic_blah_blah: I never comitted to "Go away", I just told I won't post new useful content, just my opinions on various matters. Please, if you're ever going to commit to anything, commit to this:

1. "Go Away"
2. Use this free "service" you're getting like a normal, happy and semi-grateful individual. This is the 784th time I've seen you bitch about MRC, just don't. Either be happy with what we can humbly offer you, or don't use this site if it get on your nerves too much. You know there's a no warez policy on this site, deal with it. If you want warez, start your own little MSX portal where people can download anything they desire. I'm sure it'll get lots of visits from SnakeEater64, LiquidGear172 and PS2r0x0rzMAN.

As of your wish, if you don't like me so much, why you don't go away? I don't think so Smile If you don't like me, just employ my approach to Mr. GuyveR800. I just skip his posts without reading, because I really don't like him. Do the same, and you'll be ever happy WinkHehe, you must be inhaling something nasty over there in Canada. Where to start?

1. I mostly like MRC and what they do, I don't bitch about the things I don't like.
2. Since I applaud their efforts, I try to help as much as I can, mainly be translating.
3. I don't say that I don't like this site and that I'm going elsewhere.
4. I contribute here. Not much, but it does make up for the pain of dealing with me.
5. I am the one with the ban button on their screen, you're not Wink

Nuff said. Since I know you're prolly not gonna go away, please, when you feel the urge to say something negative about MRC, please, just write it down on a piece of paper, put a little Toby-VooDoo-Doll on top of it and set the whole thing ablaze. I'm sure you'll feel a lot better afterwards, and we can save MRC some bandwith...

Por anonymous

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25-10-2004, 14:17

It's quite obvious that Karoshi does not care about any sorts of copyrights.
Seeing what happened to other 'companies' that didn't care about copyrights in the history of MSX, it would be in Karoshi's interest to change its ways...

Although Robsy may made a mistake I think you are overreacting with him (as ever).
Who are you pointing fingers at here?! Isn't it obvious that pitpan and dhau are just here to cause a fuzz again? Like this:
Eduardo, don't post here, you'll get moderated to death. Go to comp.sys.msx and msx mailing lists. Those are outside of Bazix control.
There's no 'Bazix control' here. Warez have been moderated away ever since the existence of MRC! Pitpan and dhau are long-time MRC members and they should be well aware of this policy. In fact, I believe earlier WAVeR tests with copyrighted software have been moderated as well.

To viejo_archivero: It would do you good to think about these things a bit more, in stead of trying to spot a conspiracy against pitpan. Do you really think pitpan is this dumb or naive? No way! He KNOWS PERFECTLY what he is doing every time.

I feel bad for you, I really do...

Por Grauw

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25-10-2004, 14:25

dhau: argh, piss off.

viejo: the comments you quoted were all directed at dhau, and not the OP, pitpan.

pitpan: what about instead pointing people to a document on your own server or something which does the explanation/linking.


Por [D-Tail]

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25-10-2004, 14:32

If you don't like me, just employ my approach to Mr. GuyveR800. I just skip his posts without reading, because I really don't like him. Do the same, and you'll be ever happy Wink

Snout: I can tell you one thing: people make difference, labels don't SmileAren't you forgetting something here, dhau? Sonic is, like me and others, a moderator. He has to read everything.

Por [D-Tail]

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25-10-2004, 14:34

Ok. No test then.I'm sure someone's willing to help you, that's not the point here. The point is, you linked to copyrighted wares, so that meant moderating your post. But this has been stated many times already, so I quit repeating everyone else Wink. Just link to some freeware thingey and I'm sure you're helped out.

Por Bart

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25-10-2004, 15:17

Okay, enough words are spilled offtopic now. Please get back on-topic, which is a WAV test for WAVeR v.3.

If you, Robsy, still like to test this version by asking input from the users here, please post a freeware/legal 32KB ROM here and I'm sure many people are willing to help you out.

Por IC

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25-10-2004, 15:31

does it have to be a ROM file? Can't it be tested with a simple BASIC listing or a binary file that's no rom file?

~dunno.. but then again, I'm stupid ~

Por pitpan

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25-10-2004, 17:56

Actually, the reason that viejo_archivero pointed was exact. I have no 32 KB own ROMs to test, just the GURU LOGIC for MSX1 that you wouldn't like to see distributed again, am I right?

If I use a "so common" ROM (copyrighted, I know) is because it is absolutely compatible and everyone knows it (and has a copy in its own computer, of course). So, if there is any "bug" one will notice it very quickly.

Anyway I think that WAVeR v.3 is not the kind of product that may interest you. Sorry to bother you. And my intention was just to get the file TESTED, that was all. Of course that I know the MRC policies, that's clear. I am not complaining, but I had to try, didn't I? By the way, I am happy to know that it works in OpenMSX. In my Windows port it doesn't load.

Patriek, please stop it. I just want to make an interesting MSX tool and that is why I have requested help. Perhaps I was wrong. I will try to produce a new file using a blank copyright-free ROM. Is that right?

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