Request to change name

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Por [D-Tail]

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11-10-2004, 14:24

So you really think snout's too illminded to do that kind of thing? Tongue Would be nearly as ill as GuyveR800|MRC TongueTongueTongue

Por Meits

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12-10-2004, 22:58

I chose my ND addition cuz I forgot my password for Meits hahaha...

Can scratch Meits if you like Smile

Por Sonic_aka_T

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12-10-2004, 23:37

idd, I forgot my 'Sonic' password too... Strangely enough snout didn't wanna change my nick for me tho :/

Por snout

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12-10-2004, 23:38

that's because another Sonic managed to register that nick in the meantime Smile
and I think Meits was already scratched. But will look into it ^_^

Por FiXato

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12-10-2004, 23:46

and thx to Snout msxxpress is now known as FiXato

Por [D-Tail]

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13-10-2004, 13:07

Woei Wink
I was previously called 'tcm' around here Smile, now it's '[D-Tail]', again, thanx to snout Big smile

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