Por flyguille

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08-07-2004, 18:07

i want to propose a contest for the next msx meeting...

the participants gets msx (all the same or similar), and starts programming a game, starting from zero using all his skills.

So, win the best game developed from zero, without using any disk or preexistent code or GRAPH or sound in 2 hours.

Only allowed BASIC programming or conding assembler only from the BASIC interpreter.

As price, the game published in some magazine.

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Por [D-Tail]

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08-07-2004, 19:29

Pffff... two hours is WAY too short to code a fully functional MSX game, even in BASIC! And if you don't have sound or graphics at your disposal, it's worse! What would we get? More of 'em word-guessing games? Or even worse, snake-clones?
I don't think this is a real good idea. At least the time limit should be somewhat relaxed: let's say, from 10h till 16h or something (which usually leaves about one hour for evaluation).

Por flyguille

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08-07-2004, 20:01

I CAN!!!

i can do a platform game in 2 hours... with almost two stages. Presentation / GAME OVER

Por BiFi

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08-07-2004, 20:24

GuyveR800 used to be able to do a snake it in 20 minutes. So a whole game in 2 hours should be possible.

Por [D-Tail]

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08-07-2004, 20:37

I didn't say it was impossible, but the point is that you don't get a real 'quality' game (for as far as quality counts, then).

Por anonymous

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08-07-2004, 20:51

GuyveR800 used to be able to do a snake it in 20 minutes. So a whole game in 2 hours should be possible.
Right... 2 hours sounds possible if you've had some practice.
Still, sitting behind an MSX for 2 hours doing nothing but programming doesn't sound like a good way to spend time on an MSX fair! There's too much cool stuff and cool people to be 'busy' for that long.

Por [D-Tail]

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08-07-2004, 23:29

Something for the MSX Marathon on October 9th, then?

/me waves to GuyveR800 and Grauw Smile

But I thought something like that was done way before, when Matra attended the fair and the marathon...

Por Grauw

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09-07-2004, 01:13

Arrh, don't remind me, that was a disaster -_-;;. MkII from Matra was about the only one who got something done (then again she/he was pretty much ignored by everyone else :/ so there wasn't much else to do I guess).

Anyways, a programming compo sounds nice, but personally I tried it a few times and it all didn't work out, for me at least. I'd rather have some fun playing games ;p. But, if people want a programming compo... Smile


Por MäSäXi

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24-07-2004, 19:21

but guys, must it really be a QUALITY game? ! flyguille just said about making game from zero. I guess you have used to that everything must have glorious super-grafix. It´s nice idea to put people using the thing what made msx famous: THE MSX - BASIC !