MSX in the Media Challenge - Where would you like to see MSX appear?

Por snout

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27-06-2004, 17:30

You probably all know about our MSX in the Media challenge by now. We have already received some cool Nominees, so my question to you is simple:

In which media would you like to see MSX appear? (and why?)

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Por [D-Tail]

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27-06-2004, 17:32

Well, television is the most suggested medium, I think Smile
It just reaches a really big audience. Unless of course, it's on an EO-programme Tongue

Por wolf_

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27-06-2004, 19:59

A modern PC/game magazine, with images of MODERN (scene-)stuff, not some old Konami's Ping Pong screenshot.

U.R. is also modern in this context..