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Por Grauw

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14-08-2004, 17:32

Sure, I don't expect it to be any kind of priority Smile. I just wanted to give it a go to see how well it worked, and how much difference it would make, out of personal interest on the subject. So that I (and you) can have some numbers on how much transforming a 'Transitional' into a 'Strict' page would save... If say, 90% of the bandwidth usage is generated by HTML pages it could matter a great deal. If you happen to have any numbers about that by the way, I would be interested to hear about them. That way I can get a general impression about the impact of such things on a typical site.

About the looks: don't mind them, I just tried to quickly make it resemble somewhat, in order to see what hooks needed to be present in the underlying code to be able to apply it (classes/id's, structure, etc.). Wasn't particularly looking at making an exact replica of the site... And that thing about making the small newsposts same-sized is actually not that simple -_-;; I'd have to experiment to see which approach is best (that's why I didn't bother). But my guess is that it's quite doable. Actually I have something in mind already Smile.

Guyver: maybe it's a waste of time in your eyes but I liked doing it.


Por anonymous

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14-08-2004, 18:07

Guyver: maybe it's a waste of time in your eyes but I liked doing it.
I understand that... I would like doing it as well, optimizing stuff is always fun.

But in our particular case, we're part of a team that is trying to get something finished and things like these, as you say, should not "be any kind of priority"!

Por BiFi

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14-08-2004, 18:09

I'd like to do 'full-time' development on BiOS and other projects, but I can't due to other priorities.

Por [D-Tail]

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14-08-2004, 20:41

Originally posted by Rikusu in this forum thread


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