MRC's hatemail of the week

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Por [D-Tail]

Ascended (8255)

imagem de [D-Tail]

12-06-2004, 00:38

--=[And vice versa]=--

Por DarQ

Paragon (1038)

imagem de DarQ

12-06-2004, 09:10

SNOUT! you tit! why is your post between mine and d-tail's?? tonight it wasnt!! seems to me you abuse your rights mate

Por snout

Ascended (15184)

imagem de snout

12-06-2004, 09:53

Is this an attempt for the second hatemail or what? I think you had quite a bit of drinks yesterday, I have better things to do than to 'abuse my rights' anyway Tongue

Por BiFi

Enlighted (4348)

imagem de BiFi

12-06-2004, 09:57

At least this person can't say there is such a huge Wintendo (deliberate typo) community that's so alive as MSX... at least not the WES and the SWES (more deliberate typo's) Tongue

Por ro

Scribe (4541)

imagem de ro

12-06-2004, 10:33

Nintendoos=poor man's MSX.
Nuff said the hatemail user is digging Nintendoos. you do the adding...

Por pitpan

Prophet (3145)

imagem de pitpan

12-06-2004, 11:29

I would be glad if after all the MSX Revival we could get something similar to a GBA SP with an MSX system built-in. If this doesn't happen, then I will try to get a PocketPC or perhaps a GP32.

Por DarQ

Paragon (1038)

imagem de DarQ

12-06-2004, 11:56

no snout, i don't abuse alcohol Smile

Por tfh

Prophet (3008)

imagem de tfh

13-06-2004, 11:38

Hmmm.. Makes me think about our ANTI-Nintendo Demo on FDD #2.
"10 Ways to abuse your Nintendo" or so? Hmm.. Have to dig it up somewhere Smile

Por Sonic_aka_T

Enlighted (4130)

imagem de Sonic_aka_T

13-06-2004, 14:58

I loved that demo... The whole thing btw. Too bad the demo scene kind of died out... I would have killed to read some more of those 'Rudolf Poels' scrollers Wink Tongue

Por Latok

msx guru (3843)

imagem de Latok

13-06-2004, 18:11

FDD#2 is cool indeed, somehow I like FDD#1 more. Must be the pleasant SCC music. Or that 'writing in the air'-demo.

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