C64 Metal Gear

Por Maggoo

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05-06-2004, 22:01

Por Bart

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05-06-2004, 22:14

Afaik the PC version of Metal Gear is bootlegged and very badly too. The guy selling at Ebay claims otherwise, but the only version I know of is a EGA / CGA crappy port which is far from official.

I don't know anything about the commedore version. But what I find very remarkable is this statement by the dude who says he has it:

As in all Metal Gear games, the plot is just great and this game (incl. the NES and MSX ports) were the first game of the series that was going to shock the world.

MSX ports? What the fsck?.. This guy clearly doesn't know what he's talking about...

Por wolf_

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05-06-2004, 22:17

if I may say so: the c64 version is an ugly brute Smile

Por Sonic_aka_T

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05-06-2004, 22:41

It's a fan-port... Hence the 1990 release date...

Por Manuel

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06-06-2004, 14:42

I couldn't get tehm running with VICE.... Could you?

Por diabolus

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14-06-2004, 18:55

It it tried on my c64. What a waste of time! More effort is put on the crack intro by Dynamix. I think that is commercial software, not a fan-port. Same company (USI) did also Castlevania for c64. Same quality there too.

BTW, it runs on ccs64 too, try and laugh...

Por Konamito

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15-06-2004, 18:12

It´s totally crap man!