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Por Thom

Paladin (685)

imagem de Thom

23-05-2004, 17:11

I prefer to use my time coding for the MSX system rather that defending myself from false accusations. And guess what? That's what I will do and what everybody should do.

Hypocrisy seems the dominant philosophy here, so, please do not point at me before looking at your own faults.

This is my last "personal post", so, say whatever you want to say.

To be honest, I don't get this. Why did you open this topic if you prefer to use your time for useful stuff? Usually people open topics if they *do* want to discuss things.

Por Thom

Paladin (685)

imagem de Thom

23-05-2004, 17:14

Silly cursing is always fun ^_^

btw: Congratz on your first prize Thom Wink

Hehe, congrats on your third prize Bart! I should really open a topic about Yesterday's Engine-trashing.

Por Low_Profile

Champion (425)

imagem de Low_Profile

23-05-2004, 17:17

Hahaha yeah Tongue ... too bad not everybody was there though... would've liked to see Marco in a kart with his long freaky limbs Wink

Por MrRudi

Hero (523)

imagem de MrRudi

23-05-2004, 19:24

"He who is without sin, throweth the first stone."

I defeated Sin in FFX....

/me throws stone at Pitpan


Por Bart

Paragon (1422)

imagem de Bart

23-05-2004, 20:35

I'm closing this thread as it has nothing to do with the "MSX Resource Center" where it has been posted in. If you like to open topics like this one, please do so in the general section.

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