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Por DarQ

Paragon (1038)

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22-05-2004, 17:26

I can't believe this hypocrisy!

pitpan wrote: "Man: I miss the time when you were banned from MSX.ORG. It was so calm that I got used to easily."
pitpan wrote: "FYSOB" (Fuck You Son Of a Bitch)

DarQ wrote: "only thing that helps against patriek is a nice decent BAN!"

eduardo robsy (pitpan), you are a manipulative bastard! You can't fight fair, so you pull out all the dirty tricks in the book, and put on a nice face for the general public. You're a despicable person and a liar. May the gods strike you dead!

Mark Jelsma (DarQ), you're just too pathetic for words... Maybe you'll grow up some day.

Screw you guys, I'm going home!

oh my, now you're after me again huh.
well patriek, BiFi said :"Do onto others you want them do onto you..."

i will grow up for sure. but when you behave bad, i sometimes feel obligated to place a nasty remark. it has nothing to do with growing up, i has everything to do with the fact that certain people just don't seem to be able to tolerate your behaviour.

for what rests, it really is a pity (for the community i mean) that mr. i-know-all-about-msx won't be answering questions at (NO this is not sarcasm)

Por BiFi

Enlighted (4348)

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22-05-2004, 17:40

Eduardo is a cool guy, MSXDEV'2k3 and 2k4 is a very cool initiative.It's worth wondering if pitpan isn't jealous about the MRC Challenges doing way better than those by reacting on each MSX1 entry to beg to enter his contest as well.

Por dhau

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22-05-2004, 17:49

No, MRC challenge isn't as interesting and MSXDEV competition. MSXDEV is aiming at fully implemented MSX-1 games. MRC challenge accepts everything, including some half-assed basic "demos".

I am learning MSX programming specificly to be able to participate in next MSXDEV Smile

And I will support it with some prize material as well.

Por BiFi

Enlighted (4348)

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22-05-2004, 17:58

IMO MRC encourages MSX development better than MSXdev does. That's why everything is accepted. It't just not full programs, but even seperate graphics and music were accepted for the challenge as long as it meets both the required topic and deadline.

MSXdev restricts to MSX1 development only and entries are to be submitted in ROM image format. Nothing wrong with that, but every MSX1 challenge that meets the MSXdev requirements is immediately reacted to by pitpan almost begging to enter MSXdev.

If that's the only way for him to get enough contestants he's simply jealous IMO.

Por DarQ

Paragon (1038)

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22-05-2004, 18:05


@dhau & BiFi
can i make a decent conclusion that there is plenty of room for both contests?

Por [WYZ]

Champion (433)

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22-05-2004, 18:07

- Game Over -
- Insert Coin to Play Again -


Por snout

Ascended (15184)

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22-05-2004, 18:16

Please, lets not make this thread an MRC Challenge vs. MSXDEV thread, as there is no rivalry between the two. Both competitions can perfectly coexist next to each other and share the same goals: to increase the activity of MSX Developers. We take a different approach, that's all.

Por BiFi

Enlighted (4348)

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22-05-2004, 18:20

I can only agree with you guys... I just wanted to make a statement. Still wondering if anyone got it though.

Por pitpan

Prophet (3145)

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22-05-2004, 18:28

I do not want to continue with this, but as other people said before, I think that there is enough space for both events.

MSXdev is focused on game development and wants to boost the MSX1 scene, that hasn't been very active in the last years. It responds to this objective, nothing more, nothing less.

The only problem with MSXdev is me. Let me explain this: I was coding a game and some other people asked me to stop its development. They exposed their reasons and they didn't convince me, so I continued developing that game. As they were disapointed, thing that of course I can undestand, they quitted from MSXdev. Some other factors didn't help it too.

But my intention is to continue with MSXdev competitions, because I think that they are a good chance to produce new games and insuflate some life to the good and old MSX system.

I don't know if you care about it, but Karoshi Corp (that's it, Jon Cortázar and me), considered to join the Underwater challenge. In fact, Jon has got some astonishing artwork ready to go, but we were (and we still are) too busy preparing our MSXdev entries and other MSX projects.

About truth and lies, I won't admit to be pointed as a liar by somebody with such an history like this one:

I know that some other people do think that MSXdev is a good initiative. I am only interested in its success because I think that the MSX1 scene has been completely forgotten for years. For me, it would be easier just to program my own games and publish them, but I pursue more ambitious objectives.

Kind regards to everybody.

Edward Robsy

P.S: One last detail: I suggested to the author of KOBASHI to enter MSXdev with that game because it fitted directly the rules. It was his decision and my suggestion. If you have a look at the MSXdev status page, you will notice that all the contestants are, at the moment, from Spain. And they didn't know about MSXdev in MSX.ORG but in HispaMSX page and mailing list.

Por Abi

Hero (600)

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22-05-2004, 18:35

too bad GuyveR800, i hope you will be back soon, You the MSX Guru of the Netherlands!
Much greets, Abi

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