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por [DK] em 19-04-2009, 20:36
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The Spanish leading videogame website MeriStation recently published an article about Konami's Snatcher saga of no less than twelve pages. The article appears in a series of writings dedicated to retrogaming called Regreso al Pasado (Back to the Past).

The entire site is in Spanish. However, the quality of the article is superb and it is worth translating it into your language if you'd like to read it. Not only does it cover the Snatcher saga, it also mentions other excellent MSX games from the eighties and nineties.

Relevant link: MeriStation - Article about Snatcher series

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Por Hrothgar

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20-04-2009, 08:36

"The great battle between MSX and Commodore 64 in the US, which was ultimately won by the latter" - was there ever a great battle between the two in the US? As far as I know MSX was hardly known in the US and the rivalry there was between C64 and Atari. In the UK: C64 and ZX Spectrum. And in the Netherlands indeed: MSX and C64.

Por Morg

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20-04-2009, 08:45

They put a water mark in the Metal Gear scan. Does somebody know who's the guy who did the work? I am sure it was a Brazilian Team.

Por ro

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20-04-2009, 11:11

for the lazy: Translation into English

nice one :)

Por JohnHassink

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20-04-2009, 14:41

It is indeed a superb article. Thanks for posting!