Suspicious poll at

Por MSX Resource Center

Paladin (1004)

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02-08-2002, 18:21

How could be explained more than 400 votes in only a few minutesJust 3 hours ago, there was about 500 votes made in june and july, so 400 new votes in a few minutes seem to be very strange ....and NLMSX seems to be the 'winner' now ....

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Por Andrey Belov

Supporter (13)

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02-08-2002, 20:02

NLMSX is good emulatorRegards Snatcher

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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02-08-2002, 23:07

Wow!Several hours later there are 1800 votes !!!from June, 1st to August, 1st (yesterday)-> about 500 votesAugust, 2nd (today) -> about 1800 votes (all for nlmsx)Dudes, something wrong is happening at ......NLMSX is a good emulator .... but that poll is completely faked (or hacked, or something)

Por Bart

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03-08-2002, 19:36

i only count 646 votes dude...But anywayz I think, you're right about the cheating. But at all internet polls people try to get their favourite product at the top of the poll. So calling friends

Por Bart

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03-08-2002, 19:42

Just read the admin section SmileYou were right about that. We got the person in question, he thought it was necessary to run a script that voted, killed cookies and voted again and again, etc.Votes are killed. Thanks for the tip though!

Por snout

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03-08-2002, 22:52

Apparently the current poll gets to the emotions of some people. Too bad one (or a few) person(s) tried to spoil it for the people who were curious to know how people think about emulators at the moment. (I got several mails from developers telling me they were pleased with this poll, for they could see the judgement of the users). Fortunately I could replace the spoiled poll results.Of course we knew it was not very hard, to get past the 'only one vote per person'-protection. We have always coun