What was the first MSX game you ever played?

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Por msxgamesbox

Champion (397)

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23-02-2004, 16:13

H.E.R.O. (on tape - now I have the cart, much better) and Konami Billiards...

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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23-02-2004, 17:40

The first game I played was probably some MSX Info listing... The first game I owned was Monkey Academy.

Por pitpan

Prophet (3152)

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23-02-2004, 18:37

My first MSX tape was indeed an application: STAR SEEKER. My first MSX game was the lovely SPACE BUSTERS from Aackosoft. I played it for hours and even dreamed about that damn aliens. The scroll is not good, but the music is great and really improves the gameplay.

My first MSX cartridge was YIE AR KUNG-FU from Konami.

Por Abi

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23-02-2004, 19:06

mmm hard to remember that one.
I think my uncle did show me hyper sports 1 (not sure) and he let me do the 1500 meters run with his old joystick (puf puf) Tongue

Por flyguille

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23-02-2004, 19:15

i just not remember but are one of this:

Monkey academic (on tape)
Galaga (on tape)
Road fighter (on tape)

then , Pippols

Por anonymous

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23-02-2004, 20:04

The first game I played was Super Cobra, my father bought my first MSX (SONY HB 75P) with this cartridge. I remember this day like one of the best days when I was child.

Por Maggoo

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23-02-2004, 20:52

First game: Super Cross Force from Sony (very hard to play with the stupid direction keys of the VG8010 I had). After that only basic games typed from magazines for a while. Couldn't afford cart games and most games on tape just wouldn't load because of the 32kb limit...

Por anonymous

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23-02-2004, 21:00

3D Water Driver and Driller Tanks

Por Konamito

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24-02-2004, 01:00

My first game? It was a long time ago.... but I remember.... yes, the first game I played on my MSX2 was KONAMI´S KING´S VALLEY.
But My dad bought me Trailblazer before and I couldn´t play it till I got a PHILIPS NMS CASSETE. When I bought it I started to enjoy cassette games. Before I had a piece of sh.. called COMPUTONE. Oh, what a good time was!

Por BraK

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24-02-2004, 02:09

The first one was Knightmare on my MSX1 Sony HB501F (with the nice little joypad on the keyboard). I'll never forget this day. I've played hours and hours. Total pleasure. My parents became furious... Since this day, I'm a MSX and Konami fan. It was in 1986 and I was 13. Wink

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