Fast paced news posts! They're a bother!

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Por snout

Ascended (15184)

imagem de snout

06-01-2004, 14:51

That's a good idea indeed. Furthermore you don't have to receive an email when you send a reply yourself. So that saves some e-mails as well... Dunno when I have the time to implement all this, but it's on the ToDo list now!

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

imagem de anonymous

06-01-2004, 15:03

My solution: don't use email subscription, just visit regularly Smile

Por Argon

Paragon (1119)

imagem de Argon

06-01-2004, 15:05

My solution: don't use email subscription, just visit regularly Smile
Hehe Big smile
Well, I visit as often as possible Smile

I'll have some news soon too...
But I'm not sure if I should send it as news or just a forum post.
Could the contact me at for this ?


Por BiFi

Enlighted (4348)

imagem de BiFi

06-01-2004, 17:11

You can always submit it as newspost and MRC will decide if it's suitable for the frontpage or as a forum post.

Por Low_Profile

Champion (425)

imagem de Low_Profile

14-01-2004, 13:20

The solution is very simple

Just display catchy headlines on the frontpage, and make the actual news one click away!

This is how most news oriented sites work. The frontpage is more like a newspaper, with Headlines , the news itself and a link to more in depth information per newsitem. Allthough the 'headlines-only' style may sound a bit dull, the actual amount of newspostings visible in one eye-catch on the frontpage is greatly increased Smile

I vote for that!

Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (9903)

imagem de wolf_

14-01-2004, 13:24

Or, only show the first few phrases of the message, cut off with the infamous '....' Smile

you can also win a few pixels if you put the reactions thing at the top, next to the title, instead of in an 'extra' line at the bottom ..

Por RemcoZ

Paladin (966)

imagem de RemcoZ

21-01-2004, 15:59

I'd vote for Low_Profile. The use of headlines always keeps you update in an eyecatch.

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