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08-11-2003, 15:28

See - screenshot taken yesterday morning while I tried to access the MRC... never saw that before :) an unoticed bug it seems (or just maybe due to a bug in my IE)

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Por mth

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08-11-2003, 15:45

Not an IE bug: it happened several times to me in Konqueror (not yesterday though).
That text is always in the page source, but it is invisible usually. But if part of the page or the style sheet fails to load, it is layouted in the wrong way and becomes visible.

Por mars2000you

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08-11-2003, 16:50

This problem is already occured for me ... on a PC with IE. But I had the text on a white background .... Phil, you are a lucky man , you have a blue background ! Tongue

I think that this problem happens when they are too many connections to MRC and/or when the MRC host has server problems .... So, there's only one solution : try again later ! LOL!

For information : in normal situation, this text is invisible for the surfers, but not for search engines like Google ... Yes, it helps MRC to have still more visitors !!! 8)

Por snout

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08-11-2003, 17:52

I will make several adjustments to the code in the future to reduce serverload and the size of the CSS file, which will probably solve this problem occurring every now and then.