In which period did you enjoy MSX the most?

Por snout

Ascended (15184)

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19-10-2003, 14:31

Now the poll has endend, what do you think of the results? Which period did you vote? And why?

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Por cax

Prophet (3736)

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19-10-2003, 14:53

I didn't vote, because I personally enjoyed MSX about all these years, and I can't specify which period was the best.

In fact, I would say 1987-1992, but there was no such option in the poll.

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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19-10-2003, 20:20

I think alot of people are far too nostalgic. Wink
The past is only better in your mind Tongue

Por zett

Hero (608)

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20-10-2003, 11:19

I'll like the future becours Than I will release new games and other msx stuff.!. Smile

Por The_Engineer

Master (177)

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20-10-2003, 19:09

I'm actually surprised by the outcome of the poll.
To me, the amateur years (1990-1995) by far were the best!
Still have nice memories of great fairs in Tilburg and Zandvoort.

But, I think that the poll results give interesting insights if also the age of the voters was taken into account: I'm born mid-seventies, I got hooked to my MSX at the end of the eighties and lost interest in MSX at the end of the nineties. So between my 12th and 22nd year I enjoyed the MSX scene, which does coincide with the amateur years.

If you're born earlier or later, the MSX activity peak will probably shift accordingly.

Just a thought Smile

Por tfh

Prophet (3000)

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22-10-2003, 10:01

I voted for the early years as well. Why? Well.. That was the period I actively used my MSX's. I must say I also had a great time with the MEP, but that was more because of the website and the visitors, than because of the "MSX" part of it.
For the rest, the outcome doesn't really surprise me. For most people, MSX was a nice hobby in the '80's and a part of the '90's. I can imagine that most of them, these days now and then play a game through an emulator on their PC, which doesn't give the same feeling anymore as 10 ~ 15 years ago Smile