"Goonies'r good enough" with keyboard only

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Por vanfanel

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17-10-2011, 17:38

Ok, understood.
Well, thanks all who answered! Nice game, even if I don't have an old MSX computer to play it.

Por x-nen Aivalahostia

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17-10-2011, 18:01

The original cartridge works perfectly on de1.


According to the Technical MSX DataBook the MSX minimum specification needs a cartridge slot and a joystick port. So Altera DE1 is not an MSX.

If you build the slots and connectors joystick, what is the difference between the 1chip and de1 or others msx?

Altera DE1 + 2 slots + joystick = real msx

Por ManOfTheVara

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17-10-2011, 18:13

An original video game needs no justification to run only from its original media and only on its intended, standards-compliant platform, by god's sake! If that principle is questioned, argued against, what would be next?

An "MSX-ish" device that does not conform to the MSX standard *minimum* requirements IS NOT an MSX. Flat out. And no MSX game developer should be required/forced/coerced to support that platform in his/her games, whatever reasons, ethics, economics, "visions of the future" may support that not-so-MSX device.

Por Paulbrk

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17-10-2011, 19:28

Vara POWERRRRR!!!! jajaja

Por vanfanel

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17-10-2011, 19:33

I believe this thread is becoming something just for spanish people, with all the Jose Mota show references Big smile

Por mars2000you

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17-10-2011, 22:42

Here's a very special cheat for "Goonies'r good enough", at least if you have a ROM dump of this cartridge. More cheats in the future for this game !!!

NO warez on this forum. Support the scene, keep MSX alive, buy the game!

Por Vampier

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18-10-2011, 00:38

Mars wtf?

Por viejo_archivero

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18-10-2011, 06:01

C'mon, this game is not free stuff, respect the authors! Sad.
Please someone remove this cheat.

Por pitpan

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18-10-2011, 07:59

I second that, viejo. The game is still being sold, please respect that.

Por mars2000you

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18-10-2011, 08:43

All that is excessive is insignificant ... At least it's my opinion.

I don't have given any URL to find the ROM. Everybody who has buyed the cartridge has the right to make a dump and to use the digital version on an emulator.

It's not different from IPS patches to Woomb games that were still sold when the IPS patches were released, as these patches allowed to play the games in all emulators after extraction from the crypted file where the game and the MSX-PLAYER emulator were embedded.

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