Fixing The Munsters game

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Por SLotman

Paragon (1240)

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02-01-2013, 10:11

Hey Andre,

I wrote you a couple of days ago - unfortunately your fix didn't fix the game: it only skips the level 2 and goes straight into level 3!

But that's not a problem anymore...! I managed to fix the game, after a long time Smile
Still have to clean everything up, but a release shouldn't be long!

You can read about the fixes, and see a video of the full game running here!

Finally, the Munsters is fully playable! B-)

Edit: the 'Santa' icon doesn't work??? 3 times I tried, 3 times it only appears as :santa:

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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03-01-2013, 19:28

Chase HQ does also have a nasty bug: after completing the last stage (stage 5, very difficult) the final block will not load correctly preventing you to watch the nice ending scenes Sad Is there any kind soul here that can fix that block?

Btw, I bought the original The Munsters game but did not play it much, in fact I do not remember finishing stage 1...

Por sd_snatcher

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03-01-2013, 00:23

SLotman!!! Long time no see! Welcome back! Big smile

First, thanks for your effort on fixing the game!

Second, would you accept some requests, plz? Smile

The MSX version is awfully slower than the ZX-Spectrum one. Please try implement the following optimizations to get a better performance:

1) Write a specific VRAM transfer routine for the V9938/V9958 VDPs, since those have at least twice the speed when compared to the TMS9918. Copy the required VRAM routines to their place, based on the MSX generation, when booting the game. DJC does this for his ZX-Spectrum ports, with very good results. I also did it on the Gradius-2 smoothscroll and the Salamander DynamicVsync patch.

2) On MSX>=2, switch to 50Hz by default, since this is the original speccy game speed. 50Hz causes less interrupts on the CPU to play the music, resulting in more available CPU time to process the game engine. Allow the user to press SELECT on boot to force 60Hz only for those rare TV sets that can't handle 50Hz. (A warning message about the performance impact on the README file is a good idea too).

3) Turbofix the game. This way the owners of turbo machines will be able to play it at the correct speed always. DJC also does this on his speccy ports.

4) Test the game against Acid1 & Acid2 tests. It should pass at least on Acid1Test, which is somewhat easy. It would be great if it could pass on Acid2Test too.

If you're not sure on how to accomplish those and have any questions, please contact me.

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