Hideo Kojima & MSX

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13-09-2003, 05:07

While reading another thread, i saw that link to the HK interview about Metal Gear.
By reading between the lines, it's obvious this guy as lots of memories and passion to share about the MSX.

Like me, you all like to discuss about the fact the MSX was magic, unique, with something different blah blah blah... and without knowing exactly why...

I would suggest to you MRC owners to use you MRC popularity as a major EU MSX fan site to get an interview with him. All theses discussion we had lately should also be discussed with him during an interview, and i am pretty sure it would be REALY pleased with it and we would all have some answers and some of his though about the MSX and its history.

I DO KNOW, it ISN'T easy to get in touch with him for sure, but there should obviously be a way to do it.

Ask every ppl out there, especialy the japanese one (takamishi, nishi etc...) , maybe they have an idea... Or if you think you have one, post it there...

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Por snout

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13-09-2003, 13:25

In this thread you can already see an MRC-reaction on this topic. IN short: we're going to work on it in the future!

Por ro

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13-09-2003, 13:36

kees kloost rijt?