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Last year picked up my msx hobby. Equipment: Nms8245 with SD cartridge 8bits4ever, hitbit 201p, I bought the philips module with music keyboard and happy with a brand new second hand plotter. Matrix philips printer also funny. Inkt for 3 euro ????
zemmix with printerport cartridge were used to write plotter program.

I like to share this concept. It was a project without a target, just for fun. I wanted a program that saves my joystick drawing to a file. The file should be draw my human interaction.
After making this I was thinking about car industry. Years ago they asked the best car painter to paint en wrote there movements for a robot. Actually this program looks like that..

Short help:

  • Step 1 Choose in menu 2 to start drawing
  • Step 2 enter filename, ascii output will be written to. (Watch out, no filemanagement! Filename will overwrite other with same name)
  • Step 3 use joystick in port 1 to move draw (toggle option in menu) r reset plotter
  • Step 4 quit. Programs stops
  • Step 5 run (F5)
  • Step 6 choose 1 load file to plot
  • Plotter will repeat your joystick movements


  • 1 change color option
  • 2 step 4:quit better solution a) quit draw & goto menu b) quit app.
  • 3 quicker joystick response
  • 4 filemanagement: show dir, file exist warning.

I tried to plot a bmp-file. Windows bmp to excel and then make a plot file. It’s hard to migrate a foto to plot..project stopped.
Another project was more successful, iPhone Asciilizer to excel and excel formula tot write basic to print on matrix printer.

If you have some nice things, let me know, I like to test en think about improvements!
Joost Zwijnenburg

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