What should we do with our frontpage YouTube block?

Keep it, I love it! (15 votes) 29.4%
Remove it, protecting people against spyware is most important! (5 votes) 9.8%
Remove it, I never look at it anyway (14 votes) 27.5%
I don't really care... (17 votes) 33.3%
Total votes: 51

Comments (15)


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27-09-2013, 19:08

The what?

Ah... there it is... Found it!

By Akiguchi

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27-09-2013, 19:48

Well, I haven't never really looked it, I'll usually go directly to Youtube to look for new videos. But I sometimes check the Ebay block to quickly see if there's something interesting closing. So at least that has been somewhat useful feature.

By Jorito

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27-09-2013, 19:59

I sometimes use it to spot new interesting videos that we can write a newspost about Smile

By mars2000you

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27-09-2013, 20:02

By yzi

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27-09-2013, 20:13

I have never seen the whole thing.

By the way, at first I thought there's some kind of a YouTube block. Like some kind of a system to block YouTube away from this site.

By Hrothgar

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27-09-2013, 21:21

mars2000you wrote:

You can also visit http://pipes.yahoo.com/grauw/planetmsx

Thanks for the link, but I just checked that this automated solution suffers from non-relevant hits, spam and spyware just as well.

By Poltergeist

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27-09-2013, 22:22

I juwt noticed this thingie for the first time because of the poll. There should be an option like "what youtube block?" :-)

By meits

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28-09-2013, 00:01

Maybe it's possible to discriminate words as motorcycle and the likes?

By anonymous

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28-09-2013, 08:08

Meits wrote:

Maybe it's possible to discriminate words as motorcycle and the likes?

It definately is. Problem is that the letters MSX are used more and more for something else these days, so it needs constant attention...

By Manuel

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28-09-2013, 09:12

Reminds me of my eBay query I used to run: msx -mizuno -tamiya -mugen -carisma -madonna -exhaust -vaio -"memory stick" -videopac -sixty -servo -msx.ru -columbia -rza -fein -profile -tunic -nintendo -polaris -skirt -staubdicht -jeans -CD-ROM -nokia -CATZ -integralhelm -helm -cd-key -mainstream -Watercraft -Solarex -alchemy -putzmeister -xbox -joystick -PKW -Pearl -Sandisk -mamiya -ps2 -roland -digiflasher

By meits

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28-09-2013, 10:55

That's quite a start Smile

By sd_snatcher

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28-09-2013, 14:52

Videos with more dislikes than likes could be ignored too.

By Latok

msx guru (3990)

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30-09-2013, 00:40

Teletubbies videos usually have more dislikes than likes, i love watching them, though.

By Hrothgar

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03-10-2013, 21:18

I'd want to vote "Make it useful by manual verification", but the absence of that option probably means that's not going to happen.

I'm voting to remove it. In its current state it's quite useless, indicated again by today's selection of clips with 2 out of 3 fails.

By Pac

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05-10-2013, 16:15

IMHO from the moment we cannot assure that the content is 100% MSX, we are adding useless information.

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