At least PSG support in scene games?

Yes! (39 votes) 58.2%
..and I've the emulator! (6 votes) 9.0%
No, just drop the idealism, I've the sound chips (22 votes) 32.8%
Total votes: 67

Comments (17)

By Yukio

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08-07-2010, 22:26

Well, "since I do not know how to make good tunes on PSG or other chips" ... I do not carry at all! Well, to be fair I am still struck on the three notes acordes for PSG that I was making last year on June 2009! Three notes on Keyboard is not that much ...
Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By SLotman

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09-07-2010, 02:06

Since MSXDev is a MSX1 contest, I can't see any other way then demanding PSG for sound. I think it's wrong to give penalties if the game has no sound at all in some cases (most text adventures are completely silent). But anyway, when joining a contest, you should abide by their rules, no matter what, or don't join at all.

Now if someone is making a game not for contests, then use whatever you want! It's more than obvious that 90% of MSX users nowadays use only emulators. Some even have real machines, but they are stored somewhere instead of being put to use Sad

By wolf_

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09-07-2010, 09:46

Problem is that a lot of games are actually a contest entry. It looks as if developers really need a contest to move their ass in the first place.. Tongue So, seen in that light, it may be practical to discuss the subject.

By meits

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10-07-2010, 01:37

Most PSG music sounds so bad, I rather listen to silence. I don't need PSG.

By Vampier

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10-07-2010, 01:58

best PSG music ever... Usas

By JohnHassink

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10-07-2010, 02:35

I second that.

By Manuel

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10-07-2010, 23:29

I third that.

However... I still love Venom Strikes Back intro music as well. Tongue

By JohnHassink

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11-07-2010, 04:07

The Venom Strikes Back theme (MSX version) was played on a radio program a while ago, wasn't it?
Thanks to poke-1,170 if I remember correctly.

I downloaded the C64 version A tiny bird crashed through my window with a C64 machine including all the cables plus monitor and the original sealed tape of Mask III in mint condition attached to its little paw and I can tell you the SID version actually sounds not too shabby at all. Smile
As far as I can see it's not even on YouTube, check it out if you haven't heard it yet. Just wait for the bird.

[self-EDIT: removed foaming-at-the mouth rant about cursor keys since issue is explained elsewhere]

By Imanok

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11-07-2010, 12:44

I third that.

However... I still love Venom Strikes Back intro music as well.
And what about "DragonSlayer IV" tunes??... they're great too Wink

By JohnHassink

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11-07-2010, 15:15

Some personal PSG favs are the music of Ganbare Goemon,
--> piano versions here <--

and Youma Kourin (especially the more 'eastern' sounding tunes),
--> part 1 of 3 here <--

...I remember being a bit disappointed back then when finding out that Japanese traditional music actually doesn't sound like that at all. ;)

By Hydragon

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20-08-2010, 01:53

PSG Music... I see no reason why not? Perhaps no PSG or any sound in a game, because it's sometimes hard to find a musician who has the time and patience to produce some music for MSX...
And I think especially for MSX1, a PSG sound would just be perfect...

By JohnHassink

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20-08-2010, 02:57

I guess sometimes a developer will just look elsewhere, like the Spectrum scene.
This was (probably) the case with for instance MSXdev '06 entry "Night City":
...and I think that music used in-game is A*W*E*S*O*M*E. :)

By MäSäXi

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24-08-2010, 13:11

Unlike you, demonseed, I do like japanese traditional music. Smile

Like this one:

Just lovely!

By JohnHassink

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24-08-2010, 16:25

By yzi

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24-08-2010, 23:18

Musicians who are struggling with PSG should look at Arkos Tracker:

It's got a fast z80 replay routine (source code included), and it supports sound FX.

By Yukio

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26-08-2010, 14:17

Will try Arkos Tracker ...


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05-09-2010, 14:39

I would say...

MSX1: Yes, PSG is a must! SCC support is ok, but MSX-Music / MSX-Audio support is just weird and definately can't be only option.
MSX2: PSG support would be very nice to have, but SCC / MSX-Music / MSX-Audio is ok as well.
MSX2+ / MSX tr: PSG support: Why? There is MSX-Music available anyway... I suggest using PSG for SFX

Generally MoonSound should not be ONLY music option for any game if you ask me.