scan of SD-Snatcher user disk

Door Moniz

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09-01-2010, 20:57

Hello averyone!

I have an original copy of SD-Snatcher but unforunatly the user disk is missing.
When the game was released there was an extra sticker to put on an empty disk that could be used as an user disk.
I really would like to download a scan of that sticker so that I can print it out and use it.
Does anyone know where I can download it, or is anyone willing to make a scan?

Thanx in advance!


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Van Jorito

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10-01-2010, 23:14

I trust this will do? :)

Van Moniz

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13-01-2010, 20:15

haha LOL!


Van LeoM037

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18-01-2010, 22:13

I think this is even better... :hannibal:

Van Yukio

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21-08-2010, 16:02

It seems that some people actually use those User Disk stickers around the World ...
User Disks are just normal 3 1/2 DD formatted disks with save games on them!

Van Lazzeri

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22-08-2010, 12:29

You can find the full set here also: