Just bought an X68000, anyone have experience with them?

Door TheRogue

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04-11-2009, 08:50

Hey, just scored an X68000 XVI from Yahoo! Japan, and I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience with them? I know they're pretty rare in the English speaking world, but then again so is the MSX Turbo-R and there's plenty of people who know about those. I know there are X68k forums out there, I'm just curious if there's anyone in this community who has knowledge to share about them. Thanks alot.

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Van TheRogue

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10-11-2009, 19:21

My first box of X68000 stuff arrived today. It was so big they had to send it in 2 boxes, so I got everything but the monitor right now. If anyone wants to have a look I can post some pictures. I'm pretty fired up for arcade perfect gaming. It's going to be sweet.

Van st1mpy

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18-11-2009, 07:58

Hm... no reply... people must be jealous! So how is your X68K? Have you tried running a MSX emulator on it? Show us comparison (music and graphics) of games that were available on both X68K and MSX, that would be interesting.

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21-11-2009, 00:24

Ok I'll take some comparison screens when I get home, got a hot date tonightTongue There are several games that are just AMAZING on the X68k. I'll check out an MSX emulator and post screens of that too when I get home. It works great. The monitor got messed in shipping though so I had to take it to be repaired. While It's out I'm using my flat panel with that 15KHz to 31KHz converter for those games that only run in 15KHz. You will see, i'm quite proud of it. It also came with a nice surprise. It has been upgraded to 10 megs of RAM! That makes a lot of things possible.

Van alexworp3

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26-11-2009, 18:37

i tried an emulator once . I was quite impressed (still am), if you consider it was around in the Aaaarghmiga age. tried the konami games, and they were just as fun as the msx versions