Padial or Sunrise card adapter?

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Van karloch

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07-08-2009, 13:10

Thanks! Smile

Van sunrise

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07-08-2009, 13:44

i know cf to sd adapter exists but i have never seen any ( hard to find)

on this same forum there is a topic SD V2.2 , there you can see what it is and contact erikie , i bought mine this way. put i dont want to push you to any adaptor , sunrise are cased which is nice.

or go to :

sunrise has a ide to cf adapter that means you have to buy their ata ide interface + their adaptor and dont i see well if you have only 1 cf slot , while if you go for cf adapter directly you get 2 slots. i think also it is more expensive with ata ide + adapter ( ok 10 euros at most )

for padial i dont know what to tell : if your spanish you may want to support devlopper in your country ( shipment )

price wise i guess
sd v2.2 is cheapest ( no scc , 2x Sd slots, good fd emulation for games )
then sunrise ata ide ( but only ide disk/cdrom , no flash card)
sd v1.0 (with SCC only 1 slot and slower than v 2.2 same fd emulation )
then sunrise CF
then sunrise ata + cf adpator

If you really want to know if your ide to CF adaptor can work ask directly to sunrise , i personally dont know but my guess is that it works since it makes any cf behave like an ide hd ( in theory )

There are easy to find adaptors. Not hard and it is not only sd

Van Leo

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07-08-2009, 14:38

ok thats possible to find , i was looking for that 2yrs ago.

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