GFX9000 as MSX2+?

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Van legacy

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24-05-2009, 19:39

you can always program it with the G-basic, in the same way that you program your MSX with the MSX Basic.

iirc G-basic is Turbo R onlyCrying

Van Fernecho

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24-05-2009, 20:10

iirc G-basic is Turbo R onlyCrying

The PowerBasic is only for the Turbo-R

G-BASIC works fine with MSX-2, MSX-2+ and Turbo-R
I have an Turbo-R ST and a NMS 8280 and it works with the two computers, in the Turbo-R a lot but quick, but with the NMS I don't have problems, a CF ATA-IDE in the slot 1 and a GFX 9000 in the slot 2 perfect! a marvel.
Very good hardware.

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