Using SRAM with Dragon slayer 6

Door Moniz

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26-03-2008, 21:26

Hello everyone!

Recently ive bought a load of games and with it there came 2 pana amusement cartridges, one with FM and on without (SW-001 and SW-004, the last one has FM)
Both of these cards has a Sram build in, but what is the difference between these 2 ?
Dragonslayer 6 does recognise the sram from the SW-004, but not from the SW-001 ?!?!?!
something wrong or does it even depend on what game I'm playing, could it be full ? do I need to erase something and how?? whaaaa help!


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Van [D-Tail]

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26-03-2008, 22:39

The SW-004 FM-PAC has the FM-chip on board and from the top of my head, 16kB of SRAM. The regular PAC cartridge, I don't know. Probably doesn't have any SRAM at all, or maybe it is accessed differently (other I/O ports)? The reason that DS4 does recognize the SW-004 SRAM is that the cartridge is being used for sound as well, so I guess that makes sense.

Van Manuel

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27-03-2008, 11:35

Um, the sole purpose of the SW-M001 (PAC) is to provide an SRAM back-up-save facility for games. It should be fully compatible with FM-PAC for the SRAM part. However, if the software that is supposed to use it does not use the proper search algorithm, it may not be detected. I'm not sure how this is for DS6. I'm guessing it is a bug in DS6, or, unlikely, your PAC is broken.
Try to insert both and see if you can use the FM-PAC commander (_FMPAC) to copy SRAM data from the FM-PAC to the PAC. Should work Smile

Van st1mpy

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03-02-2021, 18:03

Apparently ds6 doesn't detect the Pac on msx machines with built in msx music.
Anyone tried disabling the internal fm by software before launching ds6?
BTW they are both 8kb sram on 4000-5fff. Although they are also referred to as 4kb in size as you are supposed to use 512byte blocks.
Not sure if its lower 512 or upper, or even just first 4k. Probably lower as you can't use the last (8th block's upper fully due to the registers to control the sram on 5ffe and 5fff. )