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19-01-2008, 12:10

Hi i'm new here Tongue

For some time i play msx games on my psp.
I like the YS series Cool but now i'm stuck in YS2 Crying

I'm stuck in the first Cave, For Frea i must find a Selseta flower and the Roda fruit
I can only find the Selseta flowerCrying But i think that i can find the Rode fruit in the leek neer the Selseta flower.
But i can't get it Shocked!
Here is a sceenshot:

On the left of Ado is the Selseta flower and on the right in the leek i think.

And is there a item list for YS2?
i have a Evil bel,Sceptre but what ar there for? also the Light rod?

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Van Sama

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19-01-2008, 14:10

I know that at least there's a Roda Fruit above ground - somewhere on the ground in Moondoria Ruins. The Light Rod can be used to find hidden passages in the cavern. You will have to use the Evil Bell after returning to Lance, in the cellar of the man who says he hears noises.

Van DaFixer

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20-01-2008, 13:08

Thanks Rikusu voor the replyWink
Moondoria Ruins? is that first ruins whare i get my magic upgrade by the blue women statueQuestion
and where can i find the "cellar"

Van DaFixer

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20-01-2008, 13:37

Hi i found the the Cellar LOL!
It was in a house from a men named Jida.
i use the Evil bel in the cellar and the wall went open, then after i kill lots of monsters tehn i found the last book statueWink
now i can to the next level LOL!

Van DaFixer

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20-01-2008, 13:46

I found it LOL!
but it's a little error in Oasis version of the gameSad frea says Joda fruit, but the item name is R.fruit