3voor12 - Dutch internet music television

Door snout

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16-05-2003, 18:18

right here you can find a new TV-station on the internet, which was launched today. The station is all about pop music, specially the kind that doesn't get much airplay anymore on either radio stations or MTV. I for one like the initiative a lot! :)

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Van Latok

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19-05-2003, 09:04

Cheers, snout. And you're absolutely right. This initiative is important!

Van chaos

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20-05-2003, 16:13

I can only agree with Snout and Latok Wink
Have you seen the concert of Human Alert?
Those ppl are weird Wink

Van Dinomight

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03-07-2003, 20:03

3 voor 12 ROKS! so does the VPRO i think Smile Some of the more progressive artists in Holland Smile This station is really coolSmile Anyone saw Lady Aida on there? Great shit Smile It only has to become more popular because there aren't many people yet in the studio or on the dancefloor. This makes for some very curious shots by the cameraman Smile He's CERTAINLY creative Wink