Metal Gear 2 - How to deal with spanish rom bug (R-Blaster missing)?

Door Predator1989

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24-05-2023, 22:33

Hello, I've been playing Metal Gear 2 with a translated to Spanish rom in a NES Classic Mini using Retroarch with Bluemsx. As I have discovered in the game and checked then here*, with the Spanish rom there is a bug that makes the boss Red-Blaster do nothing when you reach his level in the tower, making the game impossible to end.

*Here is a link to a post in this website where another used experienced the same situation:

I don't know if could be any way to continue the game without restarting it in a different rom. In that post, the user was saving his games with "SRAM", that I suppose it means with the "Disk" save option of the game (that may require some kind of preconfiguration in order to get a file where the game is saved). Then, he was able to use his save/disk file with another rom (not the spanish one) without the bug to load the game with his progress and continue it without problems.

I tried to do this, but I don't know how to use disk files to save in my platform, I have been using the "save state" option of Retroarch emulator; if I try to save with disk option, I get an error saying "Disk error. Disk not ready".

So, I thought in the Password save option, that generates a long code that maybe can be loaded in another rom and get my game progress (in the previous post, is suggested that should work also). I downloaded in my PC the English version rom and BlueMSX for try it, but I found that in my spanish rom, the generated password has an spanish character ("Ñ") that can't be typed in an english rom, so I cannot load my progress with that way.

So... I don't know how can I proceed. I think getting the SRAM way working as the other user would be a solution, but I couldn't find the way to do it in BlueMSX.

Is there any other way to export a game progress from a rom to another? Maybe there is another way to fix this?

Any help would be very appreciated. Thank you very much.

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Van Manuel

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25-05-2023, 22:32

Why not insert a disk image in the virtual disk drive and save your game on it?

Van Predator1989

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02-06-2023, 08:51

Thanks for the tip. I couldn't use this option just because I don't know how. The option "insert disk" ask me for a disk file that must already exist, but I'm not allowed to create a new one.

Finally, what I have done finally, is to patch the spanish translation in the japan rom, and load the password generated in the previous rom, and it worked.

However, it would be great to know the procedure to generate a disk file which could be inserted in the virtual disk drive and be able to use it.

Thank you very much.