[WTS] Philips VG8235 MSX2 with 2DD disk drive

Door sdsnatcher73

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23-05-2023, 13:39

I have for sale a Philips VG8235. The machine has more than the usual usage signs and yellowing, but everything is working as it should. The original 1DD diskdrive was replaced by a previous owner with a 2DD model as has the disk ROM. The price given the machine’s condition is €150.

If you are interested please send me an e-mail. The address is on my profile page.

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Van Latok

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25-05-2023, 10:38

It's a 00-version. Could have an issue with the second memory bank not being available. There is an easy fix: mount a capacitor of 1nF between pin 7-U23 and 8-U23 (GND).

But maybe this machine has already been fixed Smile

Van sdsnatcher73

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25-05-2023, 13:15

This one has been sold.