Carnivore2 problem bootmenu.

Door Jamy79

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19-01-2023, 21:47


When I start up my 8220, the C2 will not go automaticaly go to the bootmenu anymore.. I can go to Nextor with esc/f5.

From there I type 'sr'(Sofarun) and choose the games to play but it is not the right way. ALSO I can not play the games Nemesis 1/2/3, Metalgear, Knightmare, Galaga etc. These games l can load to a certain point: where you have the 'start' and 'settings'. When I choose 'start', I push the spacebutton and then get a blue screen and that is it.

I tried to write the bootmenu in the 'servicemenu' but still not autostart to bootmenu.

I hope someone can help me fix this because I want to play my favorite games, and I want my bootmenu back!

Thank's in advance!


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