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05-10-2022, 20:19

I just compiled a list of all books about retro development I read on the last couple of years and I think it would be of interest of all people here:

- Modern MSX BASIC Game Development (from Raul Portales)

Books from
- Making Games For The NES
- Making Games For The Atari 2600
- Making 8-Bit Arcade Games in C
- Designing Video Game Hardware in Verilog

Books from Oscar Toledo:
- Toledo Nanochess
- Programming Boot Sector Games
- More Boot Sector Games

Books from ChibiAkumas:
- Learn Multiplatform Assembly Games vol. 1
- Learn Multiplatform Assembly Games vol. 2

Books from Fabien Sanglard:
- Game Engine Black Book: Wolfenstein 3D
- Game Engine Black Book: Doom
- The Book of CP-System

All of them are available digitally (unfortunatelly not all on kindle format).

Do you guys know other cool books about this subject?

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06-10-2022, 02:23

Have you looked at this page?

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06-10-2022, 09:33

I like "Code the classics vol1" ( it explains the story of the classic and the strategies done in its creation