[WTS] SCC switch and volume control

Door sdsnatcher73

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08-09-2022, 14:16

I have for sale this nice thingamejig. You use it as follows:

In the ON position the inserted game is started, in the OFF position the game is not started. It seems the ON/OFF position is located on the 5V line as the SCC chip is not usable in the OFF position. So you can boot the machine in OFF position, then turn it ON and use VGMPLAY or a cracked SCC game from disk or flash or otherwise.
The volume of the sound from the cartridge can then be lowered (so as to get a better mix with the PSG). The resistor in the knob crackles a bit, but only when turning the knob to change the volume.

The price is €25.

If you are interested please send me an e-mail. The address is on my profile page.

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Van Sebbeug

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08-09-2022, 17:31

mp Wink

Van sdsnatcher73

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08-09-2022, 20:34

Sold to Sebbeug!