Playable version of Blox! from Team Bomba?

Door Swami

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04-09-2022, 04:42

I know Blox! was never finished, but did they ever manage to release a good playable version or demo we can play with the MSX2 and V9990? Thanks!

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Van mars2000you

Enlighted (6346)

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04-09-2022, 11:31

Their site is without any change since 2009 what concerns this game. Probably it will stay a project.

Van Swami

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05-09-2022, 00:14

Too bad. One would hope after 13+ years we would get a demo with a couple levels. Oh, well. Lots of other games. Smile

Van RobertVroemisse

Paragon (1321)

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05-09-2022, 15:05

Nope. As far as I know, no playable demo exists. I made a bunch of graphics after we finished Bombaman XXXtra ammo but more than an editor was never made. I don't even have these graphics anymore and everyone moved on so I don't think that Blox will ever be finished.

Van Arjan

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afbeelding van Arjan

05-09-2022, 19:31

Well yeah we never released a demo but there's a playable version we showed on some fair. (or did we only finish the editor?)

I still have the code, I can boot the game but I can't get into the editor or play a level because the mouse pointer only moves diagonally...

Van Manuel

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05-09-2022, 21:11

I'm sure you can fix that Smile

Wasn't msd also in this project?

Van Arjan

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05-09-2022, 23:54

Yeah msd also did a lot of the coding.

I don't know why the mouse routine isn't working (it was made by msd so I guess it should work Tongue ) but without mouse it's possible to play the game. The screen is messed up though:
Looks like interlacing is still enabled even though the function.
Ok there seems to be some errors due to sjasmplus being incompatible with sjasm, and I can't assemble the thing with the latest sjasm version...

Van Arjan

Paladin (775)

afbeelding van Arjan

05-09-2022, 23:55

scratch that...