Hyper Sports 1 Mod/Edit question

Door Mudammir

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30-05-2022, 11:02

Hey everyone,

I got an original copy of Hyper Sports 1 and have a question. I can't afford to buy the specific controller for the game right now so I decided to try out a normal controller only to find out that the "Run" button is right on the dpad, making it imopssible to mash it as hard as I can xD

Does anyone by any chance know if it is possible to mod the game to accept another input for or something like that? I have a Carnivore 2 on the way, so loading a rom shouldn't be too difficult!

Best regards!

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Van gdx

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30-05-2022, 11:57

Have you tried customizing the buttons with Sofarun?

If you like this game, don't hesitate to make yourself a hypershoot, it's simple and cheap. You need 2 buttons, a case and a cable.


This will prevent you from damaging your joystick and keyboard quickly.

Van Danjovic

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30-05-2022, 17:01

You can do your own controller for cheap

Van Mudammir

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31-05-2022, 16:49

I will try with Sofarun when my Carnivore arrives.
I can actually make one, seems easy enough, need to find someone with a 3D printer to print me the house and it should be good. Thanks for the info!