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Door TheKid

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14-01-2022, 08:33

I saw this demo in de download section, but I don't know how to start it. When I insert the disk, nothing happens??
Do I need to insert additional hardware, like moonsound, gfx9000?

I tried several machines in openmsx, but all with the same result.

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Van sdsnatcher73

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14-01-2022, 12:17

There were some issues, these were converted from 5.25" disks to 3.5" disks by Mr. Haward. The disk is intended to run on SpectraVideo MSX machines. There were some issues with the image though, the bootsector was from a 738 machine, but the 738 in openMSX would not boot into DOS from it. First thing I did is take an empty 360kB disk image formatted on a Philips MSX (IIRC). I copied all files over with openMSX and now the SVI 738 booted into DOS, but it got stuck on a black screen. The AUTOEXEC.BAT contained a DATE command with the incorrect format (maybe it was CP/M format?). I changed it to what works on a European MSX1 and now the disk boots and you end up in the menu on an SVI-738 as well as a SVI-728 with a VY0010 disk drive. I have not tested any other MSX1 or MSX2.

Here is the new disk image.

Van TheKid

Paragon (1238)

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17-01-2022, 08:27

Hey nice, thanks for your effort sdsnatcher73, now it works!