Rambo (the game)

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18-04-2003, 15:47


I'm totally addicted to the MSX game Rambo. But unfortunally i don't know what to do when i get by a person that (i assume) i must rescue. Does anybody know what to do, so that i can the play game and get a little bit further in the game.

Greetz CrazyMad

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Van anonymous

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19-04-2003, 15:40

I'll tell you as far as I remember the game.
When you rescue the preisoner, then it's time to flee. Just move around and find a chopper and gas. It will transfer you to a safe place and mission is completed. Make sure that you destroyed the three land missiles or your chopper will be shooted by one of these missles.
Th prisoner will follows your obidiently but never let him in front of you, otherwise he'll block your way.