WTB: VGA->Scart cable for Tecnobytes V9990 Powergraph Light

Door JohnFante

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30-09-2021, 15:16

Does anybody have a prebuilt, high quality cable for sale that I can use to connect my Tecnobytes V9990 Powergraph Light to a scart input. The cable I allready have is unfortunately broken.

And at the moment I really do not have the time to build one. Got a little son last year LOL! and he has really reduced my game time ....

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Van sdsnatcher73

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01-10-2021, 06:04

This cable for Zemmix from Retrocables should work.

Van JohnFante

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01-10-2021, 09:02

Cool! Thank you. Big smile

I will write to them just to be sure.