MSX Akumajou dracula complete defective for sale by owner!

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afbeelding van ZAPPSOFT

22-07-2007, 18:05

Everyone calm down,
Now that I think about it I might have put it on here,
It has just been a long LONG and I mean long 3 months of trying to figure out how to run a MSX system and I probley lost track.

Sorry for outbursting like that,
I just got scared that maybe someone did get me password but no I think I did post it at an ealier time,
So don't worry about it.

Anyway about the game itself,
I can't get it to work I don't know if it is broke or needs a new lithium battery or is just scambled data.

If you guys want to give me offers on it then thats cool,
I will take all of them into consideration and also I will have pictures of the item on here soon,
I do have photobucket and it works fine.
I don't know who said It doesnt.
But I do know how to use it and have used it and have had great success!

So post your offers and I will let you know,



Van ro

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afbeelding van ro

22-07-2007, 18:20

There's only 2 weeks between your first and second post. . .what? you forget such stuf... yer 80 years old or sumpfn?
damn, man. I feel sorry for ya with the alzheimer kickin' in and such BA-team

But uhrm, no thanx. I already got an ORIGINAL copy of vampire killer Smile

(damn, I miss mcGuyver)LOL!


Rookie (31)

afbeelding van ZAPPSOFT

22-07-2007, 18:52

That is really nice to know "RO"

So do I,

But this copy works,

And it aint for sale,

I have been to hell and back with this system.

So get off my back ok.


Van wolf_

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afbeelding van wolf_

22-07-2007, 19:29

And with that, back to peace again please, or I'll let you do the dishes together (zapp washes and ro dries). Cool

Van Manuel

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afbeelding van Manuel

23-07-2007, 09:33

If the game doesn't work at all and goes to basic, you probably should just clean the connector of the cartrdige, as already has been said earlier. Use a cotton tip with some alcohol and rub it firmly on both sides. Then try again. And make sure that you use an MSX2 (a Sony HB-75P is not an MSX2!).

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