MSX Disk Magazines preservation

Door tfh

Prophet (2899)

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02-06-2021, 20:27

I am trying to get my Disk-magazine section more complete. Can you guys check your disk-collection to see if you have any Disk-Magazines I'm missing?

For Example:

I'm still looking to complete the following Disk Magazines for example:

BCN MSX Disk 1,2,6,7, (and if they exist 7 & up)
Disk Digits Magazine 12, 14 (and if they exist 16 & up)
Disk Cool 2
Euro Link 3
White Soft 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,13,14 (and if they exist 16 & up)

You can check the current collection here:

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Van Samor

Prophet (2092)

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04-07-2021, 19:15

If I ever come across something.... or make my own Wink
I didn't even know about a lot of those... great job!

Your name isn't file-hunter for nothing Smile